I am co-founder of Musikscool, an event for schools and businesses in which we require a group of people (between 12 and 150) to create a 5 track music album in just one day and use it to raise  £000’s for charity.  Over the years we have raised over £100,000 this way.

Musikscool team gathers for an event at Wellington College

Click here to find out more.

It is the most uplifting and emotional event I get involved with, as there is a real customer involved, and the achievement of the group is often phenomenal.  People go from “you must be kidding” to “that was amazing” in just one day, and have a permanent takeaway from the music which reminds them of the event for years to come.

Musikscool is a great way for organisations which are threatened by budget cuts or even closure to build themselves a lifeline.  If you know an organisation which may be interested in this, please put them in touch with me.

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