Training, coaching and facilitation with a difference

Have you or your people lost their career mojo?

Disengaged, burnt out, wondering what the point of it all is, and struggling to do anything about it? Maybe even given up trying?
You’re not alone: there are, sadly, millions of others in the same position.

How much money does your organisation waste on training that doesn’t stick?

It’s often a waste of time and money.  Poorly delivered, sterile content, cognitive overload, no follow up or support, irrelevant to the audience, not integrated with meeting business objectives.

Invest in some Real Learning, for a Change!

Training and coaching that gets results

  • Customised training using methods road tested over 18 years
  • Coaching combining 15 years of industry experience and 10,000 training interactions
  • Expert consultancy in maximising your training ROI through effective training integration
  • Focus on interaction and engagement rather than talking to slides.

“Michael is a real professional, is absolutely passionate about what he does, and puts everything into every day in front of his classes. I was incredibly pleased, and my teams consistently rated the course delivered by Michael as “the best they’d ever received”. I would gladly work with him again, and fully expect to do so.”
~ Ian Small, Chairman – TokBox

A short sample of Michael (deliberately) messing up a coaching session

Coaching: How NOT 2. Error 7 from his range of How NOT 2 videos.

Hi, I’m Michael Brown, behavioural skills trainer and coach, video producer and author of My Job Isn’t Working!

Most people have far more potential than they realise, and my purpose in life is to help them to achieve it.

I spent the first 15 years of my career in sales and marketing in the drinks industry, learning largely from experience and making mistakes.  Much of that time I was functioning at way below my full potential, and it wasn’t until I was made redundant in my mid 30’s that I woke up and started to think about what I really wanted to do.  Since moving into the world of learning I have found something to be passionate about, and which is truly worth doing.

Over 18 years in the training room I have worked with over 10,000 people in every context imaginable.  In that time I have learnt so much from them, and I’m able to draw on that experience when working with others.

I’ve discovered that many people are not happy in their work, and are far from achieving their potential.  If anything they are coming under more and more pressure and the workplace is becoming increasingly dysfunctional.

The good news is that there are lots of ways that it is possible to do something about this: we are not all doomed!  Through my work I aim to give people an insight into what they can do to boost what I call their career mojo, and to make the time we spend at work more rewarding and ultimately happier.  We only get one shot at life, so we may as well make the most of it!

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