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Ask more questions, stupid!

If you could choose just one behaviour which you could somehow magically fix overnight in your organisation, and you had to choose the one which would make the most business impact, which one would you choose? I know which one I’d … Continue reading

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The coaching session from hell

At the beginning of the year I was lucky enough to be part of a gaggle (or is the collective noun an “incompetence”) of business trainers and coaches who were trained in  Level B Occupational Personality Assessment.  Bully for you, … Continue reading

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Can you only work SMART if you’re small?

Last week I worked for a day with a family owned waste disposal company in Cornwall.  I spent the day with the senior management team investigating Change Management, a topic of considerable relevance to them as they are enjoying exponential … Continue reading

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The trouble with too much ambition

This week I was privileged to be part of another of our Musikscool events, working with 6th formers at Wellington College.  We were setting the usual outrageous challenge:  write an original music CD, record it and use it to raise … Continue reading

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Are you displaying too much P’ness?

Yes, I know, cheeky title, but one I know I can get away with as I weave it in regularly when I do Myers Briggs training, and I haven’t been sued yet! Let me explain.  One of the Myers Briggs … Continue reading

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