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Negotiating: do it over food!

I’m inspired this week by some research done by Lakshmi Balachandra at Babson College in the USA into whether negotiating is best done over a meal.  It’s a question I get asked regularly on training courses, to which my instinctive reaction … Continue reading

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Presentations: Plan versus Actual

This image says so much.  It captures some of the principal Presentation Phobias, in my opinion. It is almost a self contained case for making the use of PowerPoint a criminal offence. Think what would have happened if this presenter … Continue reading

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How Stress can kill the Creativity cells

You may have noticed that my Blogs have become somewhat infrequent recently. The truth is I have had to drag myself to the keyboard to write this one.  Normally I bang one out in about 20 minutes, and have to … Continue reading

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The power of flattery

I come bearing a gift.  “A bit late”, I hear you say. “Christmas was weeks ago.” Better late than never? It’s the finding from research carried out by University of California–Berkeley professor Jennifer Chatman into flattery.  She wanted to know whether … Continue reading

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