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Are you guilty of Quietism?

I thought I was clever with this title, having invented a new word:  Quietism.  Then I thought I’d better check it, just in case, and of course it turns out it already exists, as any of you who study religious … Continue reading

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Relationship is EVERYTHING!

Interesting article in the Daily Telegraph recently.  An NHS patient survey has revealed the large proportion of patients who complain that doctors do not build an effective relationship with them during a consultation. They don’t look up from the screen … Continue reading

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“If you’re going through hell, KEEP GOING” (Churchill)

I wrote this Blog a few years ago.  It still resonates for me, and I hope will for you too. I’m in Sydney, and I’m inspired.  Not by the obvious – the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the beaches.  I’m … Continue reading

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The 5 things you can do with a question, apart from answer it!

This one comes up a lot in Presentation Skills training: “What do I do if I get asked a question and I don’t know the answer?’ People get overly stressed by this, and as a result spend way too much … Continue reading

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