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Admitting the possibility of failure: weak or strong?

Andy Murray has admitted he may never win at Wimbledon.    Question:  does that make him weak or strong? “The players around right now are so good and so consistent that it’s going to be a tough tournament for me … Continue reading

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Plan space for your Creativity (and put a deadline on it!)

I know lots of people (you probably do too) who do not think of themselves as being at all creative.  Perhaps because they think of themselves as being too organised or structured to be good at it.  You can’t be … Continue reading

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Why Introverts Make Better Decisions – and How to Compensate if You’re an Extrovert!

I’m an Extrovert.  Like most Extroverts, I’m a quick decision maker.  This is sometimes good (when a quick decision is needed and the stakes aren’t too high), but it often isn’t (when a well thought out balanced decision with high … Continue reading

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Two HUGE mistakes made by negotiators

I’ve been training people in how to negotiate for nearly 15 years now, and I have a confession to make.  I now know that I may have been doling out some poor advice. I can easily blame this on other … Continue reading

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