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Why doing the Wrong Thing righter makes it wronger

A few years ago (in the Dark Ages before sat nav) I found myself in the centre of Leeds driving alone at night, on the way to a training event.  It was dark, raining heavily, past 11 pm.  I’d been … Continue reading

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Time Management for Dummies. Are you working Smart or Dumb?

I’m no statistician, nor am I a qualified researcher, but I am going to put my neck on the line and make what I could call a well informed guess at how you spend your working week. It’s well informed … Continue reading

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Call yourself resilient? Think again!

Warning: this post is not for the squeamish. I’m sure it could be a lot worse, but if you’re anything like me, if you let yourself visualise what I’m about to tell you, your legs might go a bit wobbly. … Continue reading

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Extreme Interviewing: The Apprentice shows us how!

The UK series of  The Apprentice is drawing to a close (sadly, in my opinion:  I still find it compelling viewing after all these years).  They’re down to the last 5 (with a majority of girls, much to their delight), … Continue reading

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