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“Trust arrives on foot but leaves on horseback”

… or so the Dutch saying goes.  Since the global financial crisis, research shows that trust in both government and business has been seriously damaged – galloping off into the sunset, perhaps! Can trust which has been lost be repaired? … Continue reading

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Listening, fast and slow.

Last week I bumped into an article on LinkedIn which planted a seed in my head which has now germinated.  I kept the link (or so I thought) so I could refer to the article today, but find that I … Continue reading

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The 5 questions which turn Selling into Consulting.

What is the difference between these two commercial activities: 1.  Finding out what someone wants and then satisfying that requirement. 2.  Finding out what someone thinks they want and then discovering why they want it, what will happen if they … Continue reading

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Why leaders fail. It’s official: social flatulence and halitosis.

“Interpersonal skills are the number-one reason frontline leaders fail.” You didn’t need me to tell you that, did you?  Kind of knew it anyway.  It’s nice to have it validated by some research, in this case 291 HR executives who … Continue reading

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