At the beginning of the year I was lucky enough to be part of a gaggle (or is the collective noun an “incompetence”) of business trainers and coaches who were trained in  Level B Occupational Personality Assessment.  Bully for you, I hear you say.

The qualification allows us to administer and coach using a wide range of pyschometric tools to help people with personal development, career development and for job assessment.

The various tools we are licensed to use with this qualification ranges from things like Numerical Awareness to more complex personality assessments, which enable some very powerful discussions to take place with people about their personal makeup.  If these tools were to fall into the wrong hands, considerable damage could be done.

As I experienced yesterday when my colleague and close friend (well, he was until yesterday)  Spencer Holmes and I made a video showing how not to do it.  Spencer proved to be a real expert in using the tool (in this case the 15FQ+, in case you’re wondering) very badly indeed, such that after twelve minutes I was a broken man.

See how many misdemeanours he manages to perpetrate in this horror movie.  Let it be a warning to us all.  And whatever you do, do NOT try this at home, folks!


By the way, here’s a longer article on coaching I published several years afterwards.