I did my Myers Briggs Type Indicator accreditation 6 years ago, and one of the things that made a big impact on me at the time was when they told us that your MBTI profile is inherited.  If this is true, that would make it one of the few profiles of this type where this is the case.  In fact I can’t think of another one where this is also true.

I must admit I was a bit sceptical about it.  Surely we develop these preferences for how we live life from the way we’re brought up, don’t we?

What’s your reaction to the idea that it is inherited?  Can you see your preferences in one or other of your parents?  What about “downstream”, in your children if you have them?

When I asked myself this, I was won over by the evidence literally sitting in front of me.  I’m an ENFP, and very conveniently for this purpose (and don’t we both wish we’d know this before we got married!) my wife is an ISTJ!  This is excellent for having diverse perspectives on life under the same roof, and the occasional source of conflict!  A subject for another Blog, I think.

Anyway, I have used the MBTI with my two children (at the age of 16 , preferences are clear enough to do the profile).  Guess what?  My daughter looks like me, similar outlook on life, and is an ENFP, same as me.   And my son looks like my wife, has her approach to life, and is an ISTJ like her.  A clear genetic split, following all the rules that I vaguely recall learning at school about genetics.

Not enough evidence in its own right to prove anything, but I for one am convinced by it.  Have a think about what evidence you have around you, and come to your own conclusion

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