Business Coaching

I read a lot of mumbo jumbo on social media about Coaching.  It’s clear not everyone knows what they mean by it.

(Dare I say, it’s also clear there are plenty of people who think they can provide a coaching service and are not really equipped to do so.)

So let’s clarify how I may be able to help you find answers to what you’re working on:

  • You might want an external and objective ear on the challenge you’re tackling, and to have me help you to work out your solutions to it. This would be pretty much what I think of as coaching.
  • You might want some personalised help with a particular behavioural skill. I’d call that one to one training, and there are a range of topics I can help with. (Read about the subjects I train in)
  • I could help you to create or improve a crucial speech or presentation. This would be through a combination of feedback, coaching and consultancy.
  • You might want help in setting up or running your own business. In this case I am 8 years further down the same road you’re travelling, so I’d call that mentoring.
  • You might want none of the above or all of them, in which case it’s more what I would call personal support.

Whatever we decide to call it, I’d be happy to help.



Whatever help you’re looking for, we would start by having an initial (free) 30 minute conversation over Skype or phone.  We’d aim to clarify what it is you want from the relationship and how best to go about it.  No preconceptions, no templates to work to, just you talking and me listening to understand you before we go any further.

Drop me a note or call