If you didn’t watch the Wimbledon Men’s Finals yesterday, you missed an emotional roller coaster and several hours of gut wrenching tension mixed with euphoria and amazement.  Federer deserved to win, and my goodness Murray showed us what commitment really means.

But if you missed the 3 minutes afterwards in which Murray dug into his deepest reserves of emotional intelligence, you missed something very special.  It was an absolute model of communication which anyone who saw it would recognise as outstanding.

No doubt it will be analysed by others far more qualified than I.  However, here’s my take on it.  It was completely Authentic.  Murray was comfortable to display his emotions and open up his vulnerabilities as a human being to the rest of the world.  A lesser man would have mumbled something inane and gone off to stick his head in a towel.  Instead Murray held his ground:  took the microphone:  PAUSED whilst he gathered himself.  Breathed.  It was open, honest, real, simple, meaningful.  No script, no polish, no cliche, no flannel.  From the heart.   We saw the real Andy Murray, perhaps for the first time.  I doubt I will ever forget it.

If only we could all do a bit more of that in our everyday communication,  we’d inspire, simplify, strip away the nonsense and get stuff done so much faster.  We all need more ACE in our communication:

  • Authenticity
  • Clarity
  • Emotion

Watch how Andy did it yesterday.


Your call to action today:  serve an ACE communication on something important, and note the response.  Please share your results (especially if it works!).




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