Free training resources

This page is a new venture for me, so it will take time to build it up.

Let’s start by giving you a free training video on Coaching Skills.  It’s one of a series I have created and published on my “How NOT 2” website, where you will notice we retail these at £195 plus VAT.

The idea is that you watch the video and try and spot the 20 or more deliberate errors.  You can do this by yourself or with a room full of people if you want to facilitate a discussion about it.  Because you are having to work during the video it becomes an active exercise, much more so than simply watching showing you how to do it.  I hope you find it fun and effective.

If you would like a copy of what we call the “Gaffe Guide” – the list of what we think are the errors – so you can compare your list with ours,  just fill in the simple form below and I’ll do the rest.


Grab a pen and paper and click on the photo

Grab a pen and paper and click on the photo