Which One Of These How NOT 2 Training Videos Will You Choose?

Each video is worth £195, but you can download your chosen video AND its “Gaffe Guide” for FREE now!

Coaching - How NOT 2

Coaching: How NOT 2 

Conflict Preferences In Action - How NOT 2

Conflict Preferences In Action: How NOT 2

Objective Setting - How NOT 2

Objective Setting: How NOT 2  

Training videos with a difference

Watching a training video can easily be a bit of a yawn. And showing you the perfect way to do it is well nigh impossible. So my How NOT 2 videos do it the other way around. 

You watch the video and have to spot my (deliberate, mainly) errors. Now you’ve got to do some work, make notes and compare your list at the end with mine. Much more fun, and much more effective. 

Expert incompetence I call it. See what you think.

How NOT 2
Michael Brown

Michael Brown Behavioural Skills Coach & Trainer

I’ve been training and consulting for 18 years, and have worked with over 10,000 people. I bring that to the party.