Well, this is a surprise. For me, and possibly for you too.

Having not posted an article for well over two years, I find myself inspired by my old friend Orlando Kimber to have another go. I have been telling myself all this time that there is more to life than adding to the barrage of over communication we all receive, but recently concluded that there might still be a point in sharing some ideas with people who may be having a hard time coping with work at the moment. Funny how your mindset can shift over time without really noticing it. I truly thought I was done with blogging. Now it seems maybe not.

So what is this pearl or wisdom I feel compelled to share with you? Well, as it happens Orlando, who is a communications specialist and writes an excellent Blog on all things communication related called “Good Company”,  recently reissued one of a series of interviews he did a couple of years ago, and it caught my attention because the interview was with me!

I listened to it again, curious to find out what I was saying about corporate life (and its many dysfunctions) 3 years ago. Much to my surprise it still rang true, and the points I was making about the stresses and strains of the workplace seem as relevant now as they did then: possibly even more so.

So I am resharing it with you today in the hope that it might be useful. If you’ve worked with me in a training workshop you will probably find lots of reminders of the territory we covered, and I hope it will be a useful wake up call if you have slipped back into any of your old habits.

Here it is:

Good Company interview with Michael Brown

I’d love to know whether you find it useful. Do comment either way, particularly if any of the points I make are worth highlighting, or if you can add something for others to learn from.

Until next time. (Who knows, that may be in less than 2 years. Let’s see.)