I am planning the launch of an event I call Musikscool on an unsuspecting world.

Think Apprentice meets X Factor and you pretty well have it: a group of 20 and upwards folks from different organisations will be set the challenge of writing and recording a 5 track music CD in just one day. A tough call, even if you can sing. What about making it tougher by requiring them to raise £10,000 from sales and sponsorship, also within the day?

Have we gone mad? No, this event has run 15 times in business and 10 times in schools. They succeed every time.  Like this one at Sherborne Girls’ School;

It’s a fabulous and worthwhile way to get a chance to examine default behaviour. It gets people very quickly out of comfort zone without getting them cold and wet!

I’m now planning to open the event to all comers. Those folks who feel the time has come to check out what habits they have slipped into, or are worried they may have fallen asleep at the wheel. We give honest and challenging feedback to all participants, video the lot and of course share peer to peer first impressions feedback on the day. A powerful experience for all, and of course you get to take away a CD with you on it, and that feeling of having achieved something amazing for a real customer.

Details on the Musikscool website.