One of the joys of blogging and following others’ blogs is the unexpected inspiration you receive when you least expect it.

This morning in my inbox was an article from David Kanigan, whose Live and Learn blog I heartily recommend, as he has this effect on me regularly.  He had created a list of things that make him happy, each of them one letter longer than the previous.

It’s such a simple idea, and yet so telling.  This list of 30 or so items gives an insight into David as a person that you would never get from reading his CV.

It strikes me that this could become a new template for job applications.  Instead of the usual 2 page set of boring achievements and overblown jargon- ridden personal statements, we could require applicants to fill in something along these lines.  .

Perhaps we might call it a “Love tree CV”?

It gives an insight into personal values, beliefs and preferences, which as we all know are far better indicators of likely job performance than previous achievements.  It’s informal and therefore more revealing.  You could even interview someone using this as a structure.

“Tell more, Michael, about what Cathedrals mean to you.”  Straight to the heart of it:  what going away to be a full time boarder at choir school at the age of 8 meant to me.

Who not also use it to help build relationships within a team?  Have everyone share theirs and let people ask each other questions about it.

I had great fun doing mine.  I allowed myself 30 minutes only.  Would have liked longer to tinker with different fonts, colour maybe.  Here it is:








J S Bach


Pink Floyd



Vintage Port


Greek Islands

Inspector Morse

Adnams’ Broadside

Westminster Abbey

Roast Beef for lunch

Dartmoor granite walls

Roaring logs fires in pubs

Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton

Kingfishers on the River Teign

Lagavulin in a crystal glass tumbler

Winter Evensong in St Paul’s Cathedral


I’d love to see yours.  Please share!

Note:  the L at the top of the tree stands for Learning.

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