Some of you know that I run an event called Musikscool. We work with people in schools and businesses on a challenge requiring them to make a music CD in one day and use it to raise serious money (£10,000 in many cases) for charity that same day. It’s a huge challenge, usually met with dropping of jaws, and always closing with euphoria, pride and relief.

We are about to give Musikscool a new purpose.   It occurs to us that in the current economic climate, and with hundreds of organisations threatened with closure or drastic cuts in resources, Musikscool may be able to serve as a lifeline to those who benefit from them. Here’s what the Press Release says:

On 25th February Musikscool will be running an event with 30 teenagers who are members of Grove and Wantage Young People’s Centre, AKA The Sweatbox.  This vibrant centre of activity is an important hub for many young people in and around the Wantage  area, and it is threatened with closure at the end of March as part of budgetary cuts by Oxfordshire County Council.

The event is designed to offer these people a lifeline which they will create themselves.  They are planning to create a 5 track music CD in one day, and from it to generate sponsorship and sales of over £3,000 within the day.  A huge challenge for any group, and for these people a real challenge to their comfort zones.  In effect they are setting up their own business and aiming to make a profit of £3,000 in the first day of trading.

Fortunately they will be supported by a team from Musikscool who know it can be done.  “Our record is £28,000 in 3 hours, admittedly with 120 people and with a luxury car manufacturer with a long list of eager suppliers,” says Michael Brown, co-founder of Musikscool.  “This event will be a stretch, but we know that Sweatbox has a great reputation locally, and that people are very supportive.  I believe they will respect seeing these young  people trying to support themselves, and am confident that they will more than achieve the target.”

Rumour has it that the local MP (and coincidentally Art and Culture Minister) Ed Vaizey will be attending on the day.  Garry Kingett,  Area Youth Worker for Wantage, Grove and Faringdon Area Youth Office, and the key driver behind the event, is optimistic.  “I know for a fact that we have some very talented musicians in the group, and I’ve heard that Musikscool has a lot of talent to bring to bear as well, so the musical side should be fine.  Whether or not we can pull off the fundraising side is another question.  Again Musikscool will be advising and supporting the team, and they have seen it done many times before, so I am ready to be convinced and amazed at what can happen when we all pull together.”

If you would like to donate, please call Garry on 01235 770577.  Every little helps.

We’ll be uploading tracks during the day as they come off the production line, onto our Musikscool site, so save it to your Favourites and keep in touch!

If you know of other organisations which might benefit from something along these lines, please put them in touch with us.  And in any event can you help us to get the word out?  Retweet, send people the link to this Blog, put it on your Facebook profile for a day, and all that other great stuff.

We have 50 people in the Musikscool team ready to donate their time, talent and experience in making these events work.  We have oodles of goodwill, but no marketing budget.  Please help us to fill the gap!

Thanks for reading.

Oh, and if you haven’t already, do Subscribe to this Blog:  fill in the box at the top right.  Thanks ever so!

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