MICHAEL BROWN                                        

A personal development consultant with 17 years’ experience of training delivery following 15 years in sales, distribution and marketing management for a large corporation.  An outstanding track record of results within the training room across a huge range of clients worldwide.


Principal, Michael Brown Training Limited 2008 to present 

Learning consultant offering training, coaching, business simulations, team events, video production, conference sessions, seminars and workshops around the world.  Runs sessions both face to face and using remote technologies such as WebEx and TelePresence.

Founder of Musikscool, offering a memorable and inspiringly real business experience to young people to help build self awareness, confidence and insight into the business world to help inform career decisions.  Create a 5 track music album in one day and raise £5,000 for charity from it.

Also co-founder of How NOT 2 videos,  offering videos demonstrating “expert incompetence”.  Spot the “gaffes” and use the video as part of a more extended training session.

During 2015 worked in UK, Netherlands, USA and Asia for clients such as Cisco, Telefonica, Stanley Security and BNP Paribas.

 Principal Consultant, Matchett Group 1995 to 2008

  • Developed and delivered programmes for organisations such as Cisco Systems, UBS, HMV, Pizza Hut, Morgan Stanley, John Lewis, ABN Amro, Kent County Council and Mercedes. 

Whitbread PLC 1980 to 1994

Distribution Manager

Tenanted Estate Area Manager

Roast Inns Retail Manager

Marketing Manager for 4,500 pubs, budget £20 million.


Negotiation Skills, Sales Skills, Team Events, Conflict Handling, Change Management, Leadership, Performance Management, Presentations, Consultancy Skills, Authentic Communication, Social Intelligence, Customer Relationships.

The majority of the work is tailored to individual client needs.

Creates videos in the above subjects, and develops Business Simulations to develop skills such as Consulting and Business Development. 


Best described as energetic, enthusiastic, challenging and supportive.  Leaves learners uplifted, inspired, exhausted, emotional and thoughtful.  Whole brain learning is used to engage the emotions as well as logic, creating a stimulating environment, in which there are few limits except, perhaps, the imagination.  Believes in risk taking and in the art of the possible.


1972-76                       Eton College: 11 O levels, 3 A levels, 1 S level 

1977-80                      Balliol College, Oxford: MA Hons – Music


Level A and B in Occupational testing (BPS accredited), Belbin Team Roles, TMSDI, Myers Briggs Step 1 and 2.


Email:  Mobile: 07595 927563

Address: Waye Cottage, Chagford, Devon, TQ13 8HN, UK

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  1. Michael, I have nominated you for the Family of Bloggers Award in this post: You are under no obligation to accept. I just wanted to thank you for your followership and your friendship. Dave


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