I just bumped into a fascinating article on the OPP website which I just have to alert you to.  Even if you’re not into business psychology (they are top players in the field), this concept will intrigue you.  I think.

They have just published some research into how people use the internet, and no real surprises – 86% of us spend up to 2 hours per day on email, and 54% of us log on to Social Networking sites.  I wonder what we used to do in the Dark Ages pre-email?  I supposed we used to have to go and talk to people or something.  But I digress…..

Here’s the best bit:  they have come up with 5 “online behaviour profiles” to describe the ways we behave online (yes, I am expert in stating the bleeding obvious).  Of course I immediately tried to work out mine (got it in milliseconds).  I’ll send you to the full article in a minute, but for now let’s see how well these descriptors work for you: have a guess at which you are:

Social Butterfly

Cautious User


Open Book


Having read their descriptions of each profile, I not only see myself loud and clear, but also wonder how my profile links to my Myers Briggs profile (ENFP).  I’m sure there is one, and it won’t be long before OPP release it as an adjunct to the MBTI!

I reckon I’m a Social Butterfly, and see their description as bang on the money:

” Social butterflies represent the group of people who spend the most time communicating online in their personal lives, compared to the general population. They report having more Facebook contacts and feel that technological advances have improved our standard of communication. Their personality profiles indicate a gregarious and outgoing presence, with a strong desire for social participation and for building relationships with others. They are likely to adopt a more carefree and spontaneous approach to life in general. They feel more comfortable disclosing information about themselves to others and may be less concerned about conforming to external rules and expectations, compared to the general population.”

Next question:  does Mark Zuckerberg know about this research?  I wonder what analysis he could provide to support OPP’s, and how closely the avid Facebooker matches the Social Butterfly profile?  He could think about different tools and applications on Facebook for the different profiles.  Oooh, I can feel a consultancy opportunity coming on.  Anybody want to join in the fun?

Now that I’m done with you, here’s the link to the OPP article.  Enjoy!

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