I am proud to have been asked to contribute a chapter called “Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders” to a book published by Kogan Page in September 2013.  The book is called “Business Analysis & Leadership:  Influencing Change”, and you can get it from Amazon here.Snapshot_20130819_3

The book “aims to give you practical advice and ideas on how to develop your leadership of change at four levels:  yourself, your project, your organization and beyond.”  Its  principal audience is, of course, the Business Analyst, but I would say it lends itself to anyone who leads change in the business world.

It’s written by people who have successfully driven change for real, and who speak with real authority on their subject.

My chapter deals with Conflict, and helps the reader to work out what their Conflict handling preference is, before going on to examine how this impacts the way they deal with difficult stakeholders.

I also wrote a supplementary chapter called “Five Questions of an Effective Negotiator”, which you can download for free here.

In 2017 I am going to write a full business book of my own.  It is going to be a shout out for the mid-career employees who are hurting so much . Working title is “The Squeezed Middle at work”.  It will analyse why these 30-50 year olds are hurting so much and provide my top 10 tips for doing something about it.  These tips will be the the ones that my 18 years of working with these folks has shown me provide most relief against the stresses and strains of life at work.

Watch this space for more details, and if you have a view on this subject please do get in touch.


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