“How NOT 2” videos

IMG_5279Video is an increasingly popular and highly effective medium for learning.  Delivering training content to the user’s personal device so they can learn when it suits them is also a good approach.

So I set up How Not 2 videos as a business with a couple of trainer mates, Spencer Holmes and Iain Smith.

Our approach is to show How NOT to do something, and the learner has to identify ouf (usually deliberate) errors.  Then they can compare their list with ours.  This forces them to think and engage, and is much more fun.  Here’s an introductory video to explain our unusual approach:


We have 20 publicly available titles so far.  Each has full support materials so people can use them to run their own training sessions.  We also offer a tailor making service so we can create one to your specific brief. 

Here’s a free sample:  Coaching:  How NOT 2.  See how many gaffes you can spot.  We found at least 20.


You get the idea.  Let me know if you think we could develop something for you.

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5 Responses to “How NOT 2” videos

  1. Ian Thompson says:

    Really enjoyed this when I thought that I wouldn’t !

    It really illustrates that psychometric testing should never be in the hands of lay people i.e. non psychologists. The implications of the scenes shot here from both a legal and ethical legal point of view are immense.

    The issue I have is that the video seems to be designed to give line managers training in giving feedback for psychometric tests. Allowing this to happen is very bad practice. Feedback should always be gives by experts trained specifically in the instrument which they are using.


    • You make a very valid point Ian. As you rightly say, we should make it clearer that this video is designed for licensed practitioners, not for line managers. I will amend the information on YouTube to make that clearer. Thanks for pointing it out.


  2. Karen Bail says:

    Hi Michael
    Some ideas for performance coaching might include:
    1. giving specific feedback about a particular behaviour that is affecting the team, and exploring options (coaching) for improvement
    2. giving overall good feedback about the year’s work, and exploring stretch goals for the next performance cycle
    3. setting performance expectations together, noting that the manager can and should be clear about standards
    4. giving feedback in the moment, rather than waiting for a formal review – quick but meaningful

    Do any of these sound good?


  3. Hi Karen. Good thought! I will discuss with Mike. There are some “how to” videos on my YouTube channel (mikebrown007): just posted one on two approaches to Negotiation. Let me know some specific topics and we’ll see what we can do!


  4. Karen Bail says:

    Thanks Michael for making these videos available – I will definitely weave them into the face to face training we deliver here on performance coaching. I was wondering whether you and Mike would consider doing a series of videos of what to do – ie some good examples of coaching, giving feedback etc, as it would be very encouraging for people to see how it can and should be done.


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