Do you suffer from "Sundayitis"?

Do you suffer from "Sundayitis"?

I used to dread Sunday evenings even more than Monday mornings.  On Sunday from about 4pm onwards I used to get a tight feeling in my stomach, thinking about what the coming week was going to be bring me.  Mondays were better, because then you knew what you were...
30 -50 and employed?  How much are you hurting?

30 -50 and employed? How much are you hurting?

I’m planning to write a business book this year . I’ve been mulling on it for far too long, and every year that goes by it seems to me that the case for the book gets more compelling. In this article I’d like to do a wee bit of research in an attempt...

The power of flattery

I come bearing a gift.  “A bit late”, I hear you say. “Christmas was weeks ago.” Better late than never? It’s the finding from research carried out by University of California–Berkeley professor Jennifer Chatman into flattery.  She wanted...
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