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Use your ears. Otherwise IT NEVER ENDS.

As a business skills trainer I’m constantly on the lookout for new tools and different perspectives on the  topics I work on, so that it stays fresh and relevant.  I’m also looking for reassurance that what I am advocating in … Continue reading

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Conflict at work? Probably best to avoid it.

Here’s a tricky question for you.  Please take one of my metaphorical honesty tablets before you answer it.  If you can’t give an honest answer there’s not much point reading this article.  Here goes. Is your organisation like so many … Continue reading

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Remember that conflict last week? Which were you displaying: habit, preference or good old Amygdala Hijack?

It’s the end of January, and many of us are struggling to honour the resolutions we boldly made as part of the New Year celebrations.  If you still have a clean sheet and haven’t reverted to your previous (probably bad) … Continue reading

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Relationship is EVERYTHING!

Interesting article in the Daily Telegraph recently.  An NHS patient survey has revealed the large proportion of patients who complain that doctors do not build an effective relationship with them during a consultation. They don’t look up from the screen … Continue reading

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The “BLURT” approach to dealing with conflict

I’ve got conflict on my mind.  That’ll be because I’ve been training on that topic a fair bit recently (and it’s difficult to switch off from a subject when you’ve been talking about it all day, as my wife and … Continue reading

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What is Santa’s Myers Briggs profile?

What is Santa’s Myers Briggs profile? Last year I posted this Blog, and have decided to republish it.  It’s just about the only date-related article I’ve written, and I am going to use the excuse of having just moved house and thus … Continue reading

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