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Why you and your colleagues don’t trust your manager.

“The propensity for email, texting and quick-type apps has led us to forget some of our people skills, including distinguishing the nuances of language and meaning, fostering of a feeling of belonging among groups of people, and knowing our bosses … Continue reading

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How not to give bad news

20 years ago I was working in marketing for a large drinks company.  I worked closely with a marketing agency, and they invited me to an awards dinner in London during which they hoped we would be picking up an … Continue reading

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The “BLURT” approach to dealing with conflict

I’ve got conflict on my mind.  That’ll be because I’ve been training on that topic a fair bit recently (and it’s difficult to switch off from a subject when you’ve been talking about it all day, as my wife and … Continue reading

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Why telling a client to get lost is good!

I like to think I’m a helpful sort of person.  My Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode preference is an Accommodator (like most of the trainers I know, by the way):  someone who in conflict is likely to let others have what they want … Continue reading

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Negotiating for Government. Conflict profiles in action!

Don’t be alarmed, this is not a political piece!  Despite being in the midst of a fascinating and complex political whirlpool which we well all tell our grandchildren about one day, I remain calm and objective.  Ever the professional observer … Continue reading

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