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Manager versus Leader. Confused?

Last week I coached an experienced sales professional as part of the follow up on a Leadership course he attended.  We were getting along fine, finding much to agree on over how dysfunctional the human race is becoming, the immigration … Continue reading

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Remember that conflict last week? Which were you displaying: habit, preference or good old Amygdala Hijack?

It’s the end of January, and many of us are struggling to honour the resolutions we boldly made as part of the New Year celebrations.  If you still have a clean sheet and haven’t reverted to your previous (probably bad) … Continue reading

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Andy Murray. Why that speech was ACE.

If you didn’t watch the Wimbledon Men’s Finals yesterday, you missed an emotional roller coaster and several hours of gut wrenching tension mixed with euphoria and amazement.  Federer deserved to win, and my goodness Murray showed us what commitment really … Continue reading

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Social Halitosis at work

I was recently running an Emotional Intelligence course in Abu Dhabi; an experience which I found undoubtedly challenging and ultimately highly rewarding.  The challenge lay in adapting to the local cultural norms, particularly with regard to self discipline and professional … Continue reading

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