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How 2 recognise a watershed when you see it.

Warning:  this article contains elements which might be deemed by the sensitive reader to smack of self promotion.  If you tend to suffer from allergic reaction when someone tells you about something new they have been doing, please stop reading … Continue reading

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What are the Top 5 mistakes a salesperson can make?

I’m planning to make a film about Selling.  Not, you’ll be relieved to know, about how TO sell, but the opposite – how NOT to.  Can you imagine how much criticism I’d come in for if I tried to make … Continue reading

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Presentations: Plan versus Actual

This image says so much.  It captures some of the principal Presentation Phobias, in my opinion. It is almost a self contained case for making the use of PowerPoint a criminal offence. Think what would have happened if this presenter … Continue reading

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