Dithering for dummies

Dithering for dummies

I’m writing a book.  You may well know that by now.  It’s the most creative and stimulating project I have worked on for several years, and at the same time the most exhausting.  This partly explains why you haven’t heard from me on the Blog since...
Procrastination and Preferences

Procrastination and Preferences

Last Saturday I had dinner with a couple who have moved into the village recently.  They have a bitch working cocker spaniel who has become our dog Ross’ girlfriend, so we already have plenty to talk about.  Ben is a doctor, and we found ourselves talking about...
Ping!  Another email to read?  Think again!

Ping! Another email to read? Think again!

I meet enough frazzled business people to know that email and unproductive meetings are the two biggest time wasters in the workplace.  Of the two, email is easily the most damaging, because it is the source of so much stress.  Irrelevant, poorly run meetings are at...
Use your ears.  Otherwise IT NEVER ENDS.

Use your ears. Otherwise IT NEVER ENDS.

As a business skills trainer I’m constantly on the lookout for new tools and different perspectives on the  topics I work on, so that it stays fresh and relevant.  I’m also looking for reassurance that what I am advocating in the training room is best...
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