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The dreaded Annual Appraisal. Is the writing finally on the wall?

At last!  Could the end finally be in sight for that annual ritual dreaded by both managers and staff:  the Annual Appraisal? You know the one:  the meeting you both hope will be over quickly, in which the manager loads … Continue reading

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Can’t write, can’t spell, can’t count. (My gadget does it for me.)

Last week I learnt that yet another nail has been banged into the coffin of human society as we currently know it.  The thin end of a very big wedge has just been inserted into the way we communicate.  Old … Continue reading

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Greek debt negotiations: how not to do it?

The Greek government has until Wednesday night to approve a set of measures which appear to this simple non-financier outsider to be wholly unreasonable and unworkable, otherwise it gets shown the Grexit door and European unity is a thing of … Continue reading

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How not to delegate.

As Christmas approaches and stores fill up with scary amounts of extra stock that they hope will all magically vanish by Christmas Eve, I find myself thinking about the time when I was put in charge of stock ordering for … Continue reading

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Is being negative such a bad thing?

Last week I met someone who I think I can safely say was one of the most negative people I have ever met.  I spent much of a day with him during one of our Musikscool events.  He was 15: … Continue reading

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Now I really do know how lazy I am!

It’s something I’ve always suspected, but now I know it for certain. I am idle. In the last 4 weeks I have been working flat out, delivering training sessions back to back across 8 different topics.  I’ve had to adapt … Continue reading

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