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Procrastination and Preferences

Last Saturday I had dinner with a couple who have moved into the village recently.  They have a bitch working cocker spaniel who has become our dog Ross’ girlfriend, so we already have plenty to talk about.  Ben is a … Continue reading

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Is this why Introverts hate working in the office?

Forget free food, forget our preference for natural light:  what we workers want is not be interrupted all the time. The ability to focus on work without interruption is employees’ top priority, according to an Oxford Economics survey of 600 … Continue reading

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How to use Myers Briggs to help you influence people

Last year I took part in some research carried out by CPP into the way Myers Briggs preferences impact the way we influence and are influenced.  I’ve blogged before about various aspects of Myers Briggs, but until now never had … Continue reading

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In defence of the Extraverts. (We have needs too, you know!)

A lot gets written by people like me (eg this article) about how we Extraverts need to appreciate the Introverts more. Susan Cain’s “Quiet.  The power of the introverted mind in a world that can’t stop talking“ is a  superb … Continue reading

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Why Introverts Make Better Decisions – and How to Compensate if You’re an Extrovert!

I’m an Extrovert.  Like most Extroverts, I’m a quick decision maker.  This is sometimes good (when a quick decision is needed and the stakes aren’t too high), but it often isn’t (when a well thought out balanced decision with high … Continue reading

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Are you guilty of Quietism?

I thought I was clever with this title, having invented a new word:  Quietism.  Then I thought I’d better check it, just in case, and of course it turns out it already exists, as any of you who study religious … Continue reading

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