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The slippery path to who knows what?

Last week I bumped into some stark evidence of something potentially very worrying.   If what I saw was, as I suspect, symptomatic of what is going on in the workplace, we really are heading down a dangerous path.  Sorry … Continue reading

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Why you and your colleagues don’t trust your manager.

“The propensity for email, texting and quick-type apps has led us to forget some of our people skills, including distinguishing the nuances of language and meaning, fostering of a feeling of belonging among groups of people, and knowing our bosses … Continue reading

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Greek debt negotiations: how not to do it?

The Greek government has until Wednesday night to approve a set of measures which appear to this simple non-financier outsider to be wholly unreasonable and unworkable, otherwise it gets shown the Grexit door and European unity is a thing of … Continue reading

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Why it’s so hard to lead when you’re scared

I was recently working with a group of senior leaders on a leadership programme.  On the first day they came across as on message, did well in the various activities and we had plenty of lively debate. But something was … Continue reading

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Gorillas (and monkeys) in the mist

This week I have asked an old friend, Orlando Kimber, to write a guest Blog for us.  Orlando is a marketing specialist, and last week he and I were discussing some common dysfunctionalities we come across working with our clients. … Continue reading

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6 ways to repair Trust at work

In the last in her series on Trust, Juliet Daye summarises insights from research conducted by Cass Business School  with CIPD in March 2012.  The report was called ‘Where has all the Trust Gone?’, and is available via the CIPD website … Continue reading

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