Client comments

It doesn’t come naturally to the English to blow their own trumpet, so publishing what clients have said about me isn’t something I relish.  However, this stuff  is all in the public domain on LinkedIn, and let’s face it, this is what a website is at least partially for, so here goes.  There are lots more on my LinkedIn profile.

“It is hard to write a ‘brief’ description of Michael because there is so much to say. Michael has consistently produced extraordinary results for my company. He is always one of the highest rated facilitators that we engage with. He is good at reading his audience so his message is always timely and relevant. His personal standards are high and that carries over into his work. I seek opportunities to work with him and I recommend him HIGHLY.”   

Tracy Brown, Cisco Systems.

Halstock has had the good fortune to work with Michael Brown on training. Michael is a former business man who is able to provide a useful insight into the wider working of the Halstock teams. He is professional and diligent in executing his training and there is palpable ‘lift’ in performance after his visit. He is flexible and pragmatic and understands rapidly what we want to achieve. I thoroughly recommend Michael Brown.”

Richard Miller, MD Halstock Cabinet Makers Ltd

You have unlocked something really powerful for us.  I am so grateful”

Paul Hunt,  MD  John Lewis Milton Keynes

“Michael was full of energy and held the audience’s attention well. I would attend any further presentation he gave.  Fabulous.”  

Project Manager, Goldman Sachs

“To produce these results in just two days is literally amazing.” 

James Archer, Business Analyst, London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

“I have worked with Michael on various different projects and programs over the past 7 years and have always been highly impressed by the work he has done for me. He is an excellent learning & development consultant, facilitator, trainer & coach, who consistently achieves outstanding results. Time and time again, when he is brought in to lead a development program, participants will ask for more time with Michael, and so historically the amount of work he has done for me has grown significantly based on our customer’s demands. Michael continuously demonstrates a high level of integrity, sometimes risking talking himself out of a business opportunity, if he deems the business need to be different than that for which he was brought in. His approach is results oriented, innovative, collaborative and highly professional. I can highly recommend Michael!”

Angela Sarabia, KCI Medical.

“Michael is a truly unique, inspiring and deeply experienced management trainer and consultant. Mike specialises in passing on his own highly effective approach to achieving significant behavioural change in areas including negotiation, inter-personal communication and influencing others. Over 15 years in this game, I can confidently say I have never met anyone of Mike’s ability, infectious enthusiasm, courage and problem-solving excellence.” 

Spencer Holmes, Global Project Leaders

“We’re supposed to choose Michael’s top 3 attributes, adaptability was not listed. Michael is hands-down the most creative, effective, and adapting trainer that I have worked with. He opened my eyes to easily-remembered details of negotiation and team building. I highly recommended Michael to anyone looking for a fresh, energetic, and reliable trainer.” 

Bassel Mardini, Cisco Systems

“Michael Brown reminds me of an orchestral conductor: he talks about a few things, makes some suggestions, waves his arms, and then a magical result happens. I have seen him transform people in one session; not many can do that.” 

James Robertson, Atlantic Systems Guild

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