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My philosophy on training

It’s pretty simple really.  A few basic beliefs underpin my approach, and they seem to serve the learning well.

  • People learn well when they enjoy themselves
  • There is probably an answer to most reasonable questions in the room somewhere
  • If you give energy, it usually comes back in spades
  • Difficult audiences are created, not born, usually through showing a lack of respect
  • It ain’t rocket science
  • As a trainer with two ears and one mouth, this ratio works well when you communicate
  • Plan to deal with the unexpected
  • My own mental limits are different to those of other people
  • If you can’t create trust in the room you have a problem


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“How NOT 2” videos

Video is an increasingly popular and highly effective medium for learning.  Delivering content to the user’s personal device so they can learn when it suits them is also a good approach.

So I set up How Not 2 videos as a business with a couple of trainer mates, Spencer Holmes and Iain Smith.

Our approach is to show How NOT to do something, and the learner has to identify our (usually deliberate) errors and then compare their list with ours.  This forces them to think and engage, and is much more fun.  And therefore effective.

We have 20 publicly available titles so far.  Each has full support materials so people can use them to run their own training sessions.  We also offer a tailor making service so we can create one to a specific brief.

Here’s an introductory video to explain our unusual approach:

new logo 2You get the idea…  Let me know if you think we could develop something for you.

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