My expertise

Everything I do is customised for the client.  This is built into the fee structure in most cases, unless you require a significant amount of customisation, site visits etc.

The following list of top topics gives an indication of the scope of my experience and subject matter knowledge.  It probably comprises about 80% of what I do.

Negotiation Skills.  How to find Win/Win, find the best deal available, build power and establish Trust so that both parties can have an honest and clear discussion.

Conflict Handling.  Understand your Conflict Handling preference using the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode instrument, and then learn how to handle people with a different preference more effectively.

Presentation Skills.  How to grab the audience, get their buy in, become less reliant on PowerPoint, take the pressure off yourself and above all get them to do what you want them to as a result of the presentation.  Learn how to save yourself and the audience time and take the pain out of it all!

Advanced Presentations.  How to take questions, build interaction levels, read and adapt to their Social Style, use gestures and body language to exercise unconscious influence, and how to stimulate the Right Brain so they remember and take action.

Meetings Skills.  How to get buy in, clarity, commitment and action.  Save time, strip out the stuff that should be read before or afterwards, how to handle trouble makers, how to avoid creating a room full of Children.

Assertiveness.  Our mental limits and how they inhibit us, the faulty thinking that we allow in our heads, how to look and sound Assertive, how to build the perception of power, saying no and rethinking the situations that we feel powerless about.

Facilitation Skills.  Tips and tricks, how to set the session up, when to intervene and when to become invisible, delegating tasks to others, ensuring clarity and commitment at the end, and how to make yourself bombproof from the start.

Change Management.  The Change Curve, Coaching others through Change, Kotter’s 8 steps, MBTI preferences and the implication on Change attitudes, anticipating change through PESTEL analysis, analysing your Cultural Paradigm, and how to Unfreeze/Move/Refreeze (Lewin) quickly.

Consultancy Skills.  How to contract with clients, scoping out time wasters, critical questions to ask at the start, how to avoid the common pitfalls, estimating and measuring the business impact, using each project to build opportunities for more work.

Time Management.  Working Smart, how to avoid doing things twice, planning and how to ring fence time to do it, tips and tricks, setting personal goals, the power of well formed Objectives.

Teamwork.  Individual team preferences (Belbin or TMSDI), the Team Assessment tool and how to plan to address the pinch points, Trust and Collaboration, setting a team vision and goals, creating a sense of common purpose, establishing team values.

Management SkillsObjective setting, Appraisals, Disciplining, Reviewing, giving feedback, measuring and monitoring, Situational Leadership, Coaching Skills.

Leadership.  Authentic leadership, Leadership Styles, Myers Briggs and its implication, communicating the vision, inspiring others by defining “Why”, team planning, setting the direction, chairing meetings, engaging others (including storytelling), setting priorities.

Sales skillsObjection Handling, Closing, Qualifying in and out, Questioning and Listening, Presenting, identifying pain points and Compelling Events, Rapport skills, WIIFM and the “So What?” Question, storytelling.

InfluencingRapport building, reading others’ styles and preferences, questioning and listening, embedded commands, objection handling, openness and authenticity, controlled disclosure.

Personal profiles.  I am accredited in the use of Myers Briggs, Belbin, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Preferences, TMSDI.  I am licensed at Level A and B in Occupational Testing, and accredited by the British Psychological Society.
Format.  Most of my training is done in a training room with a flipchart (I prefer not to use PowerPoint as it allows for more flexibility; however some cultures prefer me to use it, which is fine.)
I also deliver sessions remotely using technologies such as WebEx and TelePresence, and have created various videos on much of this subject matter.

I offer coaching as well on this type of content as well as with a career development emphasis.

If you’d like to know more or set up a no strings initial discussion, click here to contact me